Hoarding House Clearance

At The Clear Co, we understand the challenges that hoarders and their families face. Dealing with hoarding issues requires the right kind of help, and we are here to provide rapid, effective, sympathetic, and highly confidential solutions. Our bespoke and considerate house clearance hoarding service has made us a popular choice among probate solicitors, executors, and relatives, both locally in Kingston upon Thames and overseas.

Our team specialises in hoarding clearance and is equipped to handle any situation, including severe cases. With years of experience in clearing hoarder’s houses, we have become the most experienced company in Kingston upon Thames. We tackle the clearance of properties, including gardens and outdoor areas, that have become excessively cluttered with hoarder’s collections. 

Whether the property and its owners are located in Kingston upon Thames or overseas, if you are tasked with clearing out a hoarder’s house and need cleaning assistance, we can help. The Clear Co handles all enquiries with utmost discretion. 


Our dedicated team of decluttering specialists has worked extensively across the country, conducting numerous hoarded house clearances. We provide support to individuals, local authorities, private clients, and law firms dealing with hoarding cases. Our approach is understanding, ensuring total client discretion and compassionate assistance throughout the entire process.

If you require support in clearing a hoarder’s house or need help dealing with hoarding issues, trust The Clear Co for compassionate, professional, and discreet hoarding house clearance services in Kingston upon Thames. Contact us today, and let us help you navigate this challenging situation with care and expertise.


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